CEO & Directors

The Chief Executive Officer who is the head of the Agency  assisted by three Directors who are Heads of Directorates,  Heads of sections and Campus Directors.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for managing the Agency within the terms of this framework Document and the Executive Agency’s Act Cap.245 (RE. 2009) and its regulations. Chief Executive Officer is the Accounting officer of the Agency, Secretary to the Ministerial Advisor Board and specifically is responsible for;

  • Day to day management of the Agency
  • Ensuring effective and efficient management of Agency funds and properties in accordance with existing laws and regulations
  • Recruiting, developing and managing human resources
  • Development and implementation of approved Agency’s plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the Agency performance
  • Preparation of periodic performance reviews and submission of reports to relevant authorities
  • Preparation of annual reports and financial statements of the Agency to higher authorities,
  • Promoting public confidence through professional conduct, provision of quality services and impartiality in service delivery.
  • Representing LITA in local and international fora and other platforms.
  • Spokesman of the Agency and;
  • Administer and enforce internal guidelines and regulations prepared by the Agency.

The number and responsibilities of the Directors are subject to be reviewed periodically according to the business needs of the Agency. The Chief Executive Officer, the Directors and Heads of sections constitute the Senior Management Team of the Agency.

LITA Management Team is responsible to establish standards, systems and procedures for resources management, utilization, capacity development, coordination of the Agency’s technical services, monitoring and evaluating the performance of operations.