Planning, Finance, Administration and Production

The objective of the Directorate shall be to provide support services to the Agency in areas of administration, management of human and financial resources, marketing and estate management. Furthermore, the directorate shall be responsible for coordinating production activities from agency campuses and Units. The Directorate shall also advise the CEO on matters pertaining to Agency business development. The Directorate has three Sections; Human Resource and Estate, Finance and Planning, Marketing and Production.

Finance and Planning  Section.

  • Coordinate formulation and preparation of LITA’s annual plan and medium term strategic plan.
  • Supervise and monitor revenue collection and expenditure ensure that accounting records are maintained as per Public Finance Act No. 6 of 2001 and its Regulations.
  • Test arithmetical accuracy on all Revenue Collection Cash Book (RCCB) received from sub collector and issue acknowledgement receipt.
  • Prepare revenue Reports and submit to relevant Authorities in time.
  • Liaising with Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Economic Empowerment and POPSM on Strategic Planning and Budgeting matters.
  • Provide technical support for institutionalization of Strategic Planning and Budgeting process within the agency.