Tengeru campus was established in 1952 after the departure of the Polish refugees at the end of the Second World War. It holds a remarkable history for being the Head quarters of the East African Community from 1967 to 1977. At this period the Campus was still conducting certificate course in dairy husbandry. After the collapse of East African Community in 1977 the Campus resumed its training activities by offering certificate, diploma and short courses in both agriculture and livestock production. Currently, the campus offers; the basic certificate in Animal Health and Production (NTA Level 4), The Technician Certificate in Animal Health and Production (NTA Level 5) and The Ordinary Diploma in Animal Health and Production (NTA Level 6) and the demand driven short courses.

Mobile phone Campus Manager- 0785271732

Mobile phone Head of Academics- 0753453395

Email: lita.tengeru@lita.go.tz