Roles and Functions

The major role of LITA is to implement Livestock development objectives as expressed in the National Livestock Policy (2006) and Ministry’s Strategic Plans. Specifically, the roles and functions of the Agency are to;

i. Provide quality training on animal health and production;
ii. Produce quality livestock, livestock products and by products;
iii. Provide quality consultancy and advisory services on animal health and production;
iv. Conduct applied research in the field of animal health and production;
v. Disseminate applied research findings to customers;
vi. Promote Agency’s functions, products and services;
vii. Promote production, utilisation and conservations of animal feed resources (pasture and forage);
viii. Establish and foster closer cooperation with national and international stakeholders;
ix. Ensure the Agency addresses crosscutting issues (environmental conservations, HIV/AIDS, gender, diversity, good governance) in its operations; and

x. Promote development of human resource.