Kikulula campus has its remarked historical background into different significant periods as; in 1975, Kikulula Ranching Complex was consolidated with business unit comprising three ranches (Kagoma, Kikulula and Mabale) as well as a Farmers’ Training Centre.

In 2000, The Kagera Dairy Development Trust (KADADET) situated at Kikulula area as headquarter was established to cater the needs of farmers through provision of Heifers in which farmers were compelled to attain training before given heifers. From then on, the farmer required to pay back a heifer to the scheme.

The Campus which has become the Kikulula Livestock Training Campus was established in October, 2013 in line with the Livestock Training Agency (LITA) strategies of reducing the current livestock Extensionists gap in the Country. Currently, it offers the basic certificate in Animal Health and Production (NTA Level 4), The Technician Certificate in Animal Health and Production (NTA Level 5) and the demand driven short courses.

Mobile phone Campus Manager-0762249190

Mobile phone Head of Academics-0789426464