LITA's CEO during 2020 Nanenane festival in Simiyu

LITA during 2020 Nanenane festival in Simiyu

LITA- Tengeru Campus

LITA during Nanenane festivals in Simiyu

LITA's Board and Management meeting

Board chairman Prof. Malongo Mlozi

LITA's Acting CEO Dr. Pius Mwambene

Permanent Secretary for Livestock Prof. Elisante Ole Gabriel during LITA's Board Meeting

LITA's board members and Management Team

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Welcome Note from C.E.O – Dr. Pius Lazaro Mwambene

Dr. Pius Lazaro Mwambene

In Tanzania, the Livestock Sector plays an important role in building a strong national economy by contributing to an increased household food security and safety, income, use of animal draught power, manure, foreign currency and employment opportunities. Large part (more than 97%) of the livestock sector is composed of traditional populations whose production potentials are relatively low but... Read More